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Richard Braine, UKIP Leader
Introduction by Richard Braine, UKIP Leader

Hello! Welcome to our guidelines for 'Kippers designing party websites or using social media.

I realise that for many of you, the advice offered here will be like "Teaching Granny to suck eggs", but there will equally be many of you who will be enthusiastic but inexperienced, or maybe experienced but not up-to-speed on the latest develeopments such as the new GDPR requirements.

I am fully aware that if, however well intentioned, you make a mistake, it will be myself in a live interview, and/or my hardworking team that has to deal with the fallout.

There can also be more serious consequences: One of our former branch chairmen in Bristol has recenetly been sued for libel over a tweet in the branch's name he himself had nothing to do with.

The bottom line: Those who have made efforts to comply with the guidance on this site, and then run into misfortune online, will receive tea-and-sympathy from myself and the Press Office; those who flaunt the guidelines, less so.

Therefore please be very clear that I am 100% behind this initiative, and wish it every success.

- Richard Braine, August 2019


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